COSUPER has kept the focus on renewable energy and off-grid systems for more than ten years to provide reliable power products worldwide.

All COSUPER’s products are designed for the integrated electrical systems. To satisfy the rapidly growing needs of renewable energy and clean power, COSUPER engineers develop reliable power products to let people enjoy clean and continuous power. Besides offering sine wave power products, COSUPER also has extensive experience in energy solution providing. With full range power products, customers get variety systems suggestions and correct configuration to meet the needs.

Products include intelligent inverter with charger, solar inverters, hybrid controller inverter, intelligent MPPT hybrid inverter, three phase inverter, rack mount inverter, industrial switch power supply, military power, solar controller, medical power supply, power UPS / EPS and etc.

Manufactured in China with high-quality components and qualified by ETL and CE to offer users with the safe power source in different conditions. COSUPER works closely with users to design and produce reliable and safe inverters, inverter chargers and the integrated power systems.

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