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Cosuper Energy Technology is a world leader in design, engineering, and manufacturing of advanced power electronic products. Our products and solutions are used in a variety of low to high power applications in many different industries. We have a strong team of engineers for inhouse research, design and new product development. 

Cosuper engineers test the robustness of each electronic design under extreme thermal and mechanical conditions. This rigorous testing allows us to identify and correct subtle design problems. It also helps us more accurately predict how, when and where product degradation may occur and its anticipated life span. Our power products are used in a wide range of environments – from benign indoor settings such as homes and laboratories, to harsh outdoor areas, such as a boat, mounted to the outside of a heavy duty truck, or installed the building.

Cosuper certifies its products to comply with various regulatory testing standards to indicate that its products meet or exceed the applicable national and/ or international requirements for safety, quality, efficiency and environment.

We are committed to improving and upgrading our manufacturing processes to reduce its impact on the environment. Majority of our DC to AC power products have efficiency in the range of 90% to 95% meaning that they convert virtually all of the available battery power into household power. Our inverter/charger systems in the heavy-duty Industry market have played a pivotal role in improving efficiency. 

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