Cosuper CPT series inverter through the North American ETL certification

After more than three months of efforts, Cosuper Energy independent research and development of the CPT series inverter successfully passed the export of North American ETL certification, becoming the one of the passing through ETL certification enterprises in China. This means that Cosuper Energy has received a pass to the North American market, marking Cosuper Energy products has reached the international advanced level of similar products.

ETL is the United States Electronic Test Laboratory (ElectricalTestingLaboratories) short. Any electrical, mechanical or electromechanical product with the "ETL"  that this product has reached the generally accepted US and Canadian product safety standards, but also represents the production company agreed to accept strict Regular inspection to ensure product quality consistency. Siemens, General Electric and many other well-known brands using the ETL certification services.

Cosuper Energy CPT series inverter Charger products in one type of test, IP level test, ground current test and other indicators fully meet the ETL certification requirements, will be supporting the overall configuration of the domestic PV system exports to the North American market.
Since the establishment of our company, attaches great importance to the development of the international market, the certification is not only our products fully affirmed, but also for the future product development has accumulated rich experience, will promote the global high-end market, the rapid development.

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