How to use a 150w rv inverter?

For many RVers, If you prefer dry camping in your RV and have limited amenities or you don’t want to run a generator for whatever reason (noisy, expensive, etc.), an RV inverter is just what you need when you don’t want to start up your generator, but also don’t want to give up use of your TV, hair dryer, or other small appliances.
A 150 watt RV inverter is an ideal solution for your basic power requirements, offering a quiet alternative to gas generators with no fumes, fuel or noise. 

the type of RV inverter needed on your dry camping adventures depends on how many and which type of small appliances, computers, or devices you want to use in your RV. Most often you’ll only need to utilize an RV inverter for TV/VCR/DVD watching, so the best solution is a 150 watt inverter. This small box is a synch to install, requiring only a 12-volt battery and a wall outlet.
To ensure you get the most out of your new inverter,put the cigarette lighter plug into your car, Once you’ve hooked up the unit, all you have to do is plug the power cable into the 150 watt inverter outlet.
Or if you prefer not to use the battery simultaneously, you can charge up the inverter beforehand and then plug your TV or other small appliances directly into the back of the inverter. In no time you’ll be returning from your relaxing hike to watch your favorite shows or sporting events! It’s the easiest solution on the market!
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