Choose Inverter--compare the inverter efficiency(Step 2)

Since efficiency is the soul of every solar inverter, it is necessary to stress this point when you choose your inverter. So far, the highest conversion efficiency is over 95% about the low-frequency inverter, and the high-frequency inverter's efficiency has already reached up to 97%. However, not all high-efficiency inverters are suitable for your personal conditions, the different type of inverters connect with the different application devices, the efficiency will be different. Inductive and capacitive loads are different, so the efficiency of the inverter is different. so please be careful when making your final decision.
The only measure to improve the efficiency of the inverter is to reduce the loss. The main losses of the inverter come from power switches such as IGBTs and MOSFETs, as well as magnetic devices such as transformers and inductors. The loss is related to the current, voltage, and process of the component being selected.
Inverters can have a typical European Efficiency of 95% and peak efficiencies of up to 98%. Most inverters employ MPPT algorithms to adjust the load impedance and maximize the power from the PV array. The highest efficiencies are reached by transformerless inverters.

The inverter is just a conversion device for the entire small system (such as a solar system), improving its efficiency, not only in its original device. In order to improve efficiency, from the system aspect, it is necessary to optimize the system design, and from the device aspect, it is necessary to improve the efficiency of each component. Behind the 0.1% increase in PV module efficiency, there are countless sweats and countless innovations, and the same applies to inverters. For every 0.1 percentage point increase in inverter efficiency, there is a lot of work behind the research and development staff.
Therefore, to select the inverter from the aspect of efficiency, it is necessary to understand the comprehensive performance of the internal original device. In the entire system, how to configure to maximize the efficiency of the inverter.

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