• Automotive
  • Automotive


  • Inverter Power range: 300w--3000w
  • dc voltage: 12v 24v
  • battery management: Isolator, protector, etc
  • circuit breaker: 20A--300A
  • Product description: Cosuper provides Automotive power solutions for all types and classes of both motorized and towable vehicles.
Recent years, Power Electronics has become an even more important growth domain in the automotive industry. Electric, hybrid and electrified vehicles are a fact. The question is no longer when, but how will a car be equipped with a 48 V system, an electric booster, an energy recovery system, a powerful drive.

In addition, the world of electric vehicles has changed. Car manufacturers offer today cars, that are fun to drive, that give an equivalent value for the purchase price and that can assume performance and quality.

At the same time, the key enablers, power semiconductors, and passives are progressing rapidly making an affordable business case for electric cars reachable.

Cosuper is one of the few companies with not only low power, low voltage, high-efficiency solutions, but also higher cell count voltage, higher power, high-efficiency solutions. Cosuper has a wealth of automotive power experience to deliver versatile and efficient power solutions for automotive infotainment, navigation or telematics platforms. These technologies can already be seen in a wide range of automotive applications:

Electric traction inverters (hybrid and battery-electric drivetrains)
Power management (DC-DC converters, body electronic and auxiliary drives)
Medium-voltage high-power electronics/48V electronics
Electric vehicle charging
Automotive battery management

Recommended Products

SCH series high frequency inverter 1kw--3kw

1. External LED remote controller with 5 meters remote wire
2. High overload capacity allows high surge power to operate induction loads
3.  Independent heatsink design to decrease temperature of main case
4. single phase pure sine wave output
5. 24 months warranty

DPI series modified sine wave inverter 150w--3000w

1. With AC charging cable
2. With USB port charging
3. modified sine wave output
4. Advanced microprocessor design
5. Intelligently controlling the fan

DBS series dual battery isolator 100A-300A

1. Customized low-voltage cutout and over-voltage protection
2. Ultra low self consumption
3. Easy installation - connect start battery, auxiliary battery and ground
4. Protect auxiliary batteries and connected equipments against overvoltage
5. 12V & 24V version for different battery system
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