•  Industrial Power Solution
 Industrial Power Solution

Industrial Power Solution

  • type: off-grid
  • power range: 5kw -60kw
  • AC output: 380v-415v
  • display: show the working data
  • Product description: Cosuper provide industrial power solutions, three phase inverter power solution provide power range: 5kw to 60kw
To address the specific needs of industrial control, automation, assembly, and test equipment, we have developed a range of ac-dc and dc-dc modules with specific characteristics well suited for this market. From ruggedized packaging and extended temperature ranges for extreme environments to high peak load capabilities and high isolation voltages for unique system requirements, our power supplies are well suited to address the needs of your specific industrial application.
COSUPER TPI series three-phase inverters are designed to meet power requirements in some factories which needs huge power. power range from 8kw to 60kw, output voltage 380v--420v, and GPI series is high frequency three-phase inverter, converter efficiency is over 93%.

The main feature of TPI inverters is that they are capable of generating electricity from Batteries to create 3-phase power to operate the appliances.TPI inverters is designed with three phase balance technology to allow three-phase inverters give single phase power. With the low-frequency technology, TPI has a better operation performance and stability especially on inductive loads. Three phase balance supports both single phase and three phases at the same time.

Recommended Products

TPI series three phase inverter 8kw--60kw

1. Pure sine wave output runs all loads from office industrial equipment
2. Monitoring the unit from LCD
3. Three phases balanced, support both single phase output & three phase output
4. As back-up or for clients with high power availability requirements
5. 18 months warranty Protection

GPI series three phase inverter 5kw--20kw

1. Monitoring the unit from LCD
2. Three phase balanced, support both single phase output & three phase output
3. As back-up or for clients with high power availability requirements
4. Pure sine wave output runs all loads from office industrial equipment
5. high frequency pure sine wave
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